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Vice Foreign Minister Li Baodong On Issue of Japan's Storage of Weapons-Grade Nuclear Materials: Japan Should Truly Take Actions to Dispel Concerns of International Community

On March 17, 2014, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a press briefing for Chinese and foreign media on President Xi Jinping's visit abroad, during which Vice Foreign Minister Li Baodong, in response to a question, said that Japan now keeps a large stockpile of sensitive nuclear materials in the country, including weapons-grade plutonium and uranium that can be directly used to produce nuclear weapons, and the quantity is far beyond Japan's actual normal demand. This has aroused widespread concerns and worries in the international community.

Li Baodong pointed out that, for quite a period of time, the Japanese right-wing forces have constantly advocated the amendments to its "Peace Constitution" and denied its history of aggression, which has aroused vigilance. Recently, the international community has raised doubts about Japan's storage of weapons-grade nuclear materials, which reflected such concerns. What will Japan do with these nuclear materials? Why do they store the weapons-grade nuclear materials? As to this issue, Japan is obliged to give an explanation to the international community. Only by taking substantive actions to truly follow a peaceful path while making clear explanation, can Japan dispel concerns in the international community.

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