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Chinese Government Joint Work Team Holds Another Joint Work Meeting with Malaysian Side

On March 17, 2014, the Chinese government joint work team and the diplomats of the Chinese Embassy in Malaysia held a joint work meeting with the Malaysian side once again, consulting on the handling of the incident of loss of contact of the Malaysia Airlines flight. Malaysian Department of Civil Aviation hosted the meeting and officials from Malaysian Foreign Ministry, Maritime Enforcement Agency and Malaysia Airlines and others were present.

Guo Shaochun, the team leader and Deputy Director-General of the Department of Consular Affairs of Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said that 10 days have passed since the flight lost contact with the ground control, while the whereabouts of the flight remains unknown. The Chinese government and all circles in the country are highly concerned about the latest findings of the missing flight released by the Malaysian side on March 15. China urges Malaysia to expand and confirm the search scope and step up search efforts right away in accordance with the latest updates, and to call for more countries concerned to participate in the search operation. The Chinese side has also made corresponding adjustments and new arrangements, and stepped up research efforts.

Guo said that more technical experts from departments of Civil Aviation and Transport have been dispatched by the Chinese side and arrived in Kuala Lumpur on March 16 to assist the Malaysian side for investigation and search operations. He urged the Malaysian side to provide China with more comprehensive and accurate data information and to conduct close counterpart communications with the Chinese experts.

Guo stressed that with the passing of time, the families of the Chinese passengers are in burning anxiety. The Malaysian side should continue to inform them of the accurate and comprehensive information in a timely manner, respond to their appeals, and effectively live up to its commitment. It must take full responsibility for the families in Beijing and Malaysia, continue the good service, care and consolation to them as what have been done previously, and make sure to fully respect the families' willingness on their option of stay-or-leave .

The Malaysian side said that in accordance with the latest development, Malaysia is conducting close coordination with countries concerned and adjusting and making new arrangements for the search while continuing its utmost efforts with no stop. The Malaysian side will keep close and adequate communications and coordination with the Chinese side, arrange its relevant counterpart departments to work with the Chinese experts team, and respond to China's concerns timely. It will continue to attend and provide good service to the families of the Chinese passengers as what it has done before, and keep them updated on the latest progress.

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