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Chinese and Malaysian Officials Meet to Discuss Incident of Loss of Contact of the Malaysia Airlines Flight

On March 12, 2014, Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Xie Hangsheng, Vice Director of the Civil Aviation Administration of China Xia Xinghua and Vice Mayor of Beijing Zhang Yankun met with Malaysian Prime Minister's Special Envoy to China Ong Ka Ting, Malaysian Ambassador to China Iskandar Sarudin and representatives from Malaysian Civil Aviation Department and Malaysia Airlines.

The Chinese side expressed affirmation and appreciation to the Malaysian side for they have done a lot since the flight lost contact. Now all parties concerned are continuing all-out search and rescue operation at the moment, but the whereabouts of the missing plane still cannot be found. It gives rise to all sorts of rumors. The passengers' families, the Chinese government and the general public are in burning anxiety. The Chinese side urges the Malaysian government as well as Malaysia Airlines to release authoritative information in a timely manner, to update the latest progress of their work, to respond to questions and appeals from the passengers' families, and to console the families and the public. The Chinese side will provide positive assistance and coordination as well.

The Malaysian side said that it is their responsibility to do whatever they can to cope with this incident. They are now pacing up to coordinate all forces to intensify the search and rescue operation with all their strength. They are sympathetic to the families' anxiety over their loved ones. Prime Minister Najib Razak has assigned a special envoy to Beijing urgently to coordinate and direct the work concerning the Malaysia Airlines flight. Today, Malaysian Ambassador to China has briefed the families on the latest updates. At the request of the families and the Chinese side, the Malaysian side will hold regular press conference and timely inform the development, so as to try their utmost to meet the reasonable demands of the families.

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