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Wang Yi Holds Talks with Foreign Minister of Afghanistan Zarar Ahmed Moqbel Osmani

On February 22, 2014, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi held talks with Foreign Minister of Afghanistan Zarar Ahmed Moqbel Osmani in Kabul.

Wang Yi expressed that Afghanistan is an important neighboring country of China. The Chinese government has always attached importance to the development of China-Afghanistan relations and firmly pursued a friendly policy towards Afghanistan. Since the starting of Afghanistan's peaceful reconstruction process, the level of the bilateral relations between China and Afghanistan has been remarkably elevated. With the establishment of the strategic cooperative partnership, the two sides have constantly expanded and deepened practical cooperation and conducted sound cooperation in security and multilateral fields. In order to implement the consensus reached by the two heads of state and further enrich the strategic cooperative partnership between the two countries, both sides should focus on promoting exchanges and cooperation in the following fields:

First, to maintain the momentum of high-level exchanges. We should well prepare for the meetings between leaders of the two countries and exchanges in all circles within this year, and closely cooperate to ensure the success of the fourth Foreign Ministers' Conference of the Istanbul Process which is due to be held in August in Tianjin, China.

Second, to consolidate the public opinion basis for the bilateral friendship. We should grasp the opportunity of the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relationship between the two countries next year to plan and carry out a series of people-to-people and cultural exchange projects and to strengthen cooperation in youth exchanges and education, so as to make China-Afghanistan friendship deeply rooted in hearts of the two peoples and passed on from generation to generation.

Third, to promote aid programs towards Afghanistan. The Chinese side is willing to provide more support for Afghanistan to develop its economy and improve its people's livelihood, well build infrastructure projects including teaching buildings of Kabul University (KU), offer agricultural mechanical equipment to Afghanistan, and continue to hold training courses for technical personnel.

Fourth, to expand mutually beneficial cooperation in economy and trade. The Chinese government encourages and supports competent Chinese enterprises to invest and develop in Afghanistan, enhance cooperation in economy and trade, energy resources and other fields with the Afghan side, and run major cooperative projects well. It hopes that the Afghan side will provide better investment environment.

Fifth, to enhance cooperation in security field. To strengthen cooperation in aspects such as anti-terrorism, the fight against the East Turkistan Islamic Movement (ETIM) and transnational crimes, the Chinese side will continue to offer training and material assistance to Afghan military and police, and hopes that the Afghan side continues to take effective measures to protect the safety of Chinese institutions and personnel in Afghanistan.

Wang Yi expressed that as a good neighbor and a good friend, China sincerely hopes Afghanistan to go through its current political, economic and security transitions smoothly and to achieve political reconciliation and economic rejuvenation at an early date. The Chinese side is willing to play a constructive role in this respect.

Osmani said that Afghanistan will always be a good neighbor and a good friend of China, and the Afghan people cherish the Afghanistan-China friendship very much. The Afghan side thanks the Chinese side for offering support and assistance to Afghanistan on its political reconciliation and economic reconstruction for a long time. It expects to strengthen cooperation with China in fields such as agriculture, mining and transportation to further expand bilateral trade scale, and will provide more guarantee and convenience for Chinese enterprises operating in Afghanistan. The Afghan side firmly supports the Chinese side on issues concerning China's sovereignty and territorial integrity. It would never allow the ETIM to take advantage of the Afghan territory to engage in activities endangering China, and will continuously deepen security cooperation with the Chinese side. The Afghan side is able to ensure a smooth completion of the current transitional process, and it believes that the fourth Foreign Ministers' Conference of the Istanbul Process to be held by the Chinese side will achieve success.

After the meeting, the two foreign ministers attended a signing ceremony for the bilateral cooperative agreements and met with Chinese and foreign journalists together.

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