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Wang Yi: The Saying that Compares China-Japan Relations to Britain-Germany Relations Before World War I Is Delusional and Ridiculous

  On January 24, 2014, Foreign Minister Wang Yi, at the the annual meeting of World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, responded to the question concerning Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s saying of comparing China-Japan relations to Britain-Germany relations before World War I, which finally led to war.

  Wang Yi said, such saying is delusional and ridiculous. Compared with a century ago, the world has gone through dramatic changes. The safeguarding forces for peace including China are growing and the world peace has been ensured. Fine, if the Japanese leader wants to talk about the history, then let us look at historical facts. In 1910, Japan annexed the Korean peninsula by force. In 1931, Japan occupied northeast China and in 1937, Japan launched a comprehensive invasion war against China. In 1941, Japan started the Pacific War. In retrospect, who was the war maker? who was the troublemaker? The answer is clear and self-evident.

  Wang Yi urged the Japanese administration never try to divert attention and blur focus. He urged the Japanese administration to seriously think over their wrong words and wrong doings, and to take seriously the criticism of the international community over the visit to Yasukuni Shrine.

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