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Vice Foreign Minister Zhang Ming Holds Press Conference at the Birthplace of "Cairo Declaration"

On January 8, 2014, Chinese Vice Foreign Minister Zhang Ming held a press conference at the Mena House Hotel, where the "Cairo Declaration" was released. More than 30 reporters attended the conference upon invitation, including those from 12 Egyptian mainstream media such as the Middle East News Agency, Al-Ahram, Al Gomhuria, Egypt's state TV and "Voice of the Arabs" radio station, and those from 7 Chinese news agencies in Egypt such as the People's Daily, Xinhua News Agency, China Central Television and China Radio International. Chinese Ambassador to Egypt Song Aiguo was present at the event.

Zhang Ming emphasized the historical position, force of law and significance to the present of the "Cairo Declaration", expounded on China's solemn stance against the Japanese leaders' paying homage to the Yasukuni Shrine, and answered the questions from the reporters. Zhang Ming pointed out that, the "Cairo Declaration" is an international landmark document in the history of the world anti-fascist war, and the "maternal version" of the international law together with the subsequent "Potsdam Proclamation" in dealing with the post-war Japanese issues and determining the post-war international order, having exerted great significance on both China and the world. However, the Japanese right-wing forces represented by Shinzo Abe blatantly paid homage to the Yasukuni Shrine and worshiped the Class A war criminals of the World War II, which affronts and provokes all the countries and peoples victimized by Japanese militarism, flagrantly challenges the success of the world anti-fascist war and the post-war international order, and is bringing Japan to a very dangerous direction.

Zhang Ming emphasized that the Chinese people will never allow Japan to overturn the war of aggression or to turn the clock back to the backtrack of the history. We mention again the "Cairo Declaration" to show the resolute will of the Chinese government and people and to maintain the authority of the "Cairo Declaration". It is the common task of the international community including China and Egypt to maintain the post-war international order. China is willing to work with Egypt and all the peace-loving countries and peoples to maintain the peace order established after the WWII and maintain world peace and stability.

Zhang Ming also emphasized that, only by remembering the history can we avoid repeating tragedies, and only by facing up to the history can the future be created. The Japanese leaders must correctly recognize and thoroughly reflect on the facts of foreign aggression and the history of colonization, and make practical efforts to improve relations with its neighboring countries through sincerity and concrete actions. Otherwise, Japan will thoroughly lose the trust of its Asian neighbors and the international community, shooting itself in the foot.

The Mena House Hotel lies at the foot of the Giza pyramid complex in Cairo. On December 1, 1943, China, the US and the UK who had held the Cairo Conference jointly released the famous "Cairo Declaration". Up till now, the hotel has completely retained the venue where the three heads of state held the Conference.

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