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Prime Minister Aminata Toure of Senegal Meets with Wang Yi

On January 10, 2014, Prime Minister Aminata Toure of Senegal met with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi at the Prime Minister's Office.

Toure expressed that China's development has deeply inspired the African countries including Senegal. They thus believed that development not only exists in theory, but there exists realistic ways. The developing countries are not destined for poverty. China's success gains us new understanding of and confidence in Africa's rejuvenation. Senegal-China relations enjoy a sound foundation and are of great exemplary significance. Senegal is ready to develop cooperation with China in the fields of infrastructure construction, telecommunications and agriculture. More Chinese enterprises are welcomed to invest and develop their business in Senegal. Senegal is willing to provide facilitation for this.

Wang Yi expressed, China and Africa are a community of common destiny. Both sides rely on and support each other in the political field and are highly complementary and interdependent on each other in economy. They enjoy a sound foundation for mutually beneficial cooperation. A new round of comprehensive reform in China will bring about a higher level of opening up, which will provide new opportunities and driving forces for China-Africa cooperation. China will encourage competent and credible Chinese enterprises to start their business in Senegal so as to make more contributions to the development of Senegal.

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