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President of Djibouti Ismail Omar Guelleh Meets with Wang Yi

On January 7, 2014, President of Djibouti Ismail Omar Guelleh met at the Presidential Palace with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

Guelleh expressed, China is a sincere friend of Djibouti and Djibouti is grateful for China's long-time profound friendship and great help for Djibouti. China supports infrastructure and logistics construction in Djibouti and has made positive contributions to building the East African port and transportation hub in Djibouti. Djibouti is ready to deepen strategic cooperation with China and to learn from China for the important experience on economic and social development. Djibouti looks forward that China will continue to provide support on developing infrastructure, building special economic zones and exploiting energy resources. Djibouti is as well ready to strengthen cooperation with China on peace and security in East Africa.

Wang Yi expressed, for the past 35 years since the establishment of diplomatic relationship, China and Djibouti have always treated each other with equality, mutual respect, mutual support and common development. China-Djibouti relationship has become one of the examples for peaceful coexistence, mutual benefit and win-win outcomes between big and small countries. China views Djibouti as an important cooperative partner and has always managed China-Djibouti relations from a strategic and long-term perspective. As the most trustworthy friend of Djibouti, China is willing to deepen mutually beneficial cooperation in ports, transportation and other fields most needed by Djibouti and to help Djibouti to enhance geographical advantages so as to realize connectivity in the East African region. China will also increase support for livelihood fields in Djibouti to benefit more people of Djibouti. Deepening cooperation in the fields of security and defence absolutely conforms to the interests of both sides. China is ready to work with Djibouti to safeguard regional peace and stability.

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