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Wang Yi: Stability and Development Are in the Fundamental Interests of all Ethnicities in South Sudan

In his recent exclusive interview with Al Jazeera, Foreign Minister Wang Yi set forth a four-point proposition about resolving the South Sudan issue, stressing that stability and development are in the fundamental interests of all ethnicities in South Sudan.

Wang Yi said that China indeed has been following very closely the developments in South Sudan. What is most important for South Sudan, a new-born nation with a lot to be reconstructed, is stability and development, without which the fundamental interests of all ethnicities in the country would be impaired. Conflicts will bring sufferings to all the people in South Sudan in the end, which is not in the interests of South Sudan at all. Since the outbreak of the conflict, China has kept calling for international attention, sent its envoys for mediation efforts, and actively supported the mediation efforts of the IGAD countries.

Wang Yi stressed that China has a four-point position on this issue. First, a ceasefire should take effect and violence should be stopped immediately, so as to make way for peace talks and to maintain law and order in the country. Second, it is imperative to launch an inclusive political dialogue process as soon as possible and find a solution acceptable to both sides. Third, the international community should intensify efforts for peace talks, urging both sides to engage in serious peace talks. Fourth, it is important to improve the humanitarian situation in South Sudan. As large numbers of civilians have been caught in the crossfire and their life, property and personal safety have been threatened, the international community should support and help them as much as possible. At the same time, we hope and believe that the Government of South Sudan will take concrete and effective measures to protect the lives and properties of the Chinese nationals in the country.

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