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Wang Yi: China Always Sees and Promotes Relations with Arab Countries from Strategic Height and Long-Term Perspective

On December 21, 2013, when jointly meeting reporters with Algerian Foreign Minister Ramtane Lamamra in Algiers, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi expounded on China's policies towards Arab countries under the new situation.

Wang Yi said that China always sees and promotes relations with the Arab countries from a strategic height and long-term perspective. Under the new situation, China's policies towards the Arab countries can be summarized as a four-point support:

We support the Arab countries to steadfastly pursue their own choice of development path. We understand the Arab people's appeal for reform, and wish the Arab countries to find a political system and development path suitable for their national conditions as soon as possible. Any outside forces should have no right to make decisions for the Arab countries and the Arab people.

We support the Arab countries to solve hot spot issues through political means. Insist on resolving disagreements through dialogue and settling disputes through negotiations. China supports the Middle East peace process and is willing to actively participate in and push for the political settlement of the regional hot spot issues.

We support the Arab countries to enhance cooperation with China and to seek common development. There are huge potential and broad prospects for China-Arab cooperation. China is willing to connect the Chinese dream of realizing national rejuvenation with the Arab people's dream of pursuing national prosperity and revival, and to enhance bilateral pragmatic cooperation in all areas to bring more benefits to the Arab people, letting fruits of bilateral cooperation benefit more people's livelihood.

We support the Arab countries to safeguard their legitimate rights. The Arab countries are important and equal members of the international community. China opposes harming the Arab countries' national dignity in excuse of anti-terrorism, human rights, and others, and is willing to strengthen coordination and cooperation with the Arab side in major issues to better safeguard the interests of both China and the Arabic nations, as well as other developing countries.

Wang Yi pointed out that China believes the Arab countries need development, and development is the basis of and key to solving any problems; the Arab countries need stability, and stability is the necessary prerequisite for realizing development; the Arab countries need unity, and only unity can bring strength to the Arab countries to better safeguard their core and long-term interests. In their course toward development, stability and unity, China will stand alongside the Arabic nations.

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