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Wang Yi: China and Saudi Arabia Enjoy All-dimensional Strategic Cooperative Relations

On December 25, 2013, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi gave a joint interview in Riyadh to the Chinese and Saudi Arabian media, and spoke highly of the development of the China-Saudi Arabia relations.

Wang Yi introduced China's policies towards Saudi Arabia, and stressed that China-Saudi Arabia relationship should never be only limited to the energy field, but should be the one of comprehensive cooperation. China regards Saudi Arabia as an important country in the Middle East, an Islamic country and a big developing country, always attaches great importance to and promotes the bilateral relations from a strategic height and long-term perspective. The two countries not only have extensive common interests, but also maintain close communications in international and regional affairs. China is committed to continuously enriching the strategic connotations of China-Saudi Arabia relations, and hopes that the two sides become long-term and reliable strategic partners.

Wang Yi said that during his visit to Saudi Arabia, he reached many important consensuses with Saudi Arabia. Both sides agree to strengthen bilateral strategic cooperation, continue to maintain exchanges at all levels between the two countries, especially high-level visits, strengthen coordination in international and regional affairs, and carry out cooperation in the proper settlement of hot spot issues in the Middle East. China not only wants to be a long-term and stable energy partner of Saudi Arabia, but also is willing to support Saudi Arabia's economic diversification strategy, and to strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation in various areas, especially in infrastructure construction. China has first-class high-speed rail equipment technology and rich construction management experiences. We are willing to actively participate in the construction of high-speed rail network in Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries.

Wang Yi said that China and Saudi Arabia agree to speed up the process of free trade zone negotiations between China and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), making it more smoothly for the Saudi Arabian products to enter into China, which is the world's largest market. The Saudi Arabian people can also enjoy the quality and cheap Chinese goods, realizing the sustainable development of bilateral trade.

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