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Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin Meets with Delegations of Mongolian and Russian Ministries of Foreign Affairs

On December 13, 2013, Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin met with Director of the Department of Neighboring Countries of the Mongolian Foreign Ministry Tumurkhuleg Tugsbilguun and Director of the First Asia Department of the Russian Foreign Ministry A.B. Kulik who came to China to attend the Consultation at the Department and Bureau Level of the Foreign Ministries of China, Mongolia and Russia, the first Meeting of the China-Mongolia Boundary Joint Committee, and the 13th Meeting of the China-Russia Boundary Joint Committee.

Liu said that China, Mongolia and Russia are important close neighbors and strategic partners with adjoining mountains and rivers. The strengthening of the trilateral cooperation accords with the long-term benefits of the three countries and is conducive to the promotion of regional stability and prosperity. Border cooperation is an important component of the China-Mongolia and China-Russia bilateral relations. China is willing to further enhance its cooperation in various fields with Mongolia and Russia under the framework of the Boundary Joint Committees.

Tugsbilguun said that China and Russia are both strategic partners of Mongolia, and Mongolia takes it as a priority in its diplomatic policy to develop relations with the two neighboring countries on both north and south. Mongolia attaches great importance to the trilateral consultation mechanism and is ready to actively participate in relevant interconnection construction between China and Russia.

Kulik said that the bilateral relations among Russia, China and Mongolia have maintained a stable development with a high level of mutual trust, laying a good foundation for trilateral cooperation. The Foreign Ministries of the three countries can continue to play a coordinating role in promoting more pragmatic cooperation among the three sides to continuously achieve new progress.

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