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Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi Speaks to the Press after the ARF Foreign Ministers' Meeting


I have come to Phnom Penh to attend the ASEAN related foreign ministers' meetings. I believe the meetings have been productive and increased mutual understanding. China's views and positions on issues of various fields have won the understanding and support from many other countries attending the meetings. I have had positive, meaningful meetings and contact with many ministers from ASEAN and other countries. I also had the opportunity to call upon His Excellency Prime Minister Hun Sen of Cambodia, whose vision on the future of regional cooperation left a deep impression on my mind.

In my view, East Asian regional cooperation has achieved many important results over the years and made important contribution to regional peace, stability, development and prosperity. China has also made tremendous effort towards this end.

In the face of acute impact of the international financial crisis and sluggish world economic recovery, it is all the more important for countries in the Asia-Pacific to strengthen unity and collaboration, expand and upgrade cooperation, enhance the internal drivers of growth and foster a better environment for regional stability and development.

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