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Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi Attends the 19th ARF Foreign Minister Meeting

On 12 July 2012, Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi attended the 19th ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) Foreign Minister's Meeting.

Yang Jiechi said that despite the profound impact of the international financial crisis and sluggish recovery of the global economy, the Asia-Pacific region has maintained the momentum of robust growth and become an important driving force for world economic recovery and growth. Dynamic regional cooperation has played an important part in promoting development, stability and prosperity of the region. It is important that countries in the region enhance solidarity and deepen cooperation to advance the overall interests of peace and stability and boost internal growth and consumption to sustain the development momentum.

Yang Jiechi said that stability and development of China, the most populous country in the world, is in itself a major contribution to stability and development in the region. In today's world where globalization is gaining momentum and interests of countries become more closely entwined, to seek common development and common security through dialogue and cooperation is the only viable way leading to enduring peace and security. It is also the shared responsibility of all sides. Asia-Pacific countries should have the wisdom and ability to properly deal with differences, expand converging interests and lead our region onto a path of peace, development and cooperation in the 21st century.

Yang Jiechi also elaborated on China's principled position on the Korean nuclear, the South China Sea, Myanmar, the Iranian nuclear and the Syrian issues

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