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Press Release of the Embassy of China 20200729

To Protect the Threewheeler Drivers Is To Protect Ourselves: Chinese Envoy

On 29 July 2020, Mr. Hu Wei, Chargé d'affaires of the Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka, handed over 50 thousand surgical masks to Mr. M.J.M. Hameed, Vice President of the All Island Threewheeler Driver's Union for tens of thousands of its drivers. Besides, 35 thousand COVID-19 prevention posters jointly published by the Ministry of Health, the Health Promotion Bureau and the Chinese Embassy were also delivered to the Union by Dr. Anith Jasinghe, DG of the Health Service.


The Chinese Envoy stated that threewheelers are most popular transportation for general public, and to protect the drivers from COVID-19 is to protect ourselves. All the masks and health guidelines posters delivered to these thousands of drivers represent the sincere friendship and best wishes from the Chinese people. Till July, more than 73 thousand test kits, 4 million masks, and 20 thousand PPEs together with many other materials have been donated by China, which become a main source for Sri Lankan society combating the pandemic. Among these, the Embassy is especially proud to have provided 189 thousand masks to students across the country for the school reopening and another 100 thousand masks to Election Commission for the coming General Election. The time-tested friendship and mutual trust between China and Sri Lanka will grow only stronger through the joint fight against COVID-19.


Dr. Anil Jasinghe showed his gratitude to China for the continuous support since the pandemic outbreak in the island. The Director General said that three wheelers are the main mode of transportation closest to the people of this country, and there is close contact between drivers and passengers. The Chinese Embassy understood that three wheeler drivers need to wear mask to protect health of themselves and the public, so they decided to donate face masks. The Embassy in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the Health Promotion Bureau also printed a large amount of posters which contain important information about health safety, which are very important because three wheelers go to every street, corner and end of this country. Regardless of age, anyone can understand the important information on these posters. "I thank the Chinese Embassy for important work done to protect the country's health." Dr. Jasinghe expressed.


Mr. M.J.M. Hameed also extended his sincere thanks on behalf of the Union and its numerous members. "We're going to distribute all the face masks and health posters to more than 5 thousand drivers without any delay, so as to safeguard our selves, our passengers and the general public especially during the coming General Election."


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