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China Helps Sri Lanka Address Drinking Water Shortage in Polonnaruwa

On 7 September, Chinese Ambassador H.E. Yi Xianliang and Mr Ranjan Dharmawardena, Chief of Staff to the President, attended an turn-over ceremony of Well-Drilling Project in Welikanda, Polonnaruwa.

Ambassador Yi Xianliang said, as a poor child grew up in the rural area of China, he could personally feel the hardships of people in remote areas. As a true and reliable friend of Sri Lanka, China has always tried its best to support the social and economic development of Sri Lanka and render assistance to Sri Lanka without any conditions. The project in Welikanda could provide clean drinking water to hundreds local villagers and improve the health conditions, which serves the aims of Sri Lankan Government to fight against drought and Chronic Kidney Disease. China is willing to continue relative cooperation with Sri Lanka to bring more tangible benefits to the two peoples.

Mr. Ranjan said China always provided relief items whenever Sri Lanka met with disasters, which showcased kindness and sincerity of the Chinese people. As a friendly neighbour, China offered huge grants and supports to the development of Sri Lanka. BMICH, Nelum Pokuna Theatre, schools and houses etc., donated by China in the past decades witnessed China's unselfish contribution to Sri Lanka. We'd like to extend our sincere thanks to the Chinese Government and people and would always keep this in mind.

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