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China Assists Sri Lanka to Construct Agricultural Economic Center

On 7 September, H.E. President Maithripala Sirisena and H.E. Chinese Ambassador Yi Xianliang participated in the groundbreaking ceremony of China-aid Agricultural Economic Center in Kaduruwela, Polonnaruwa.

President Sirisena said the Agricultural Economic Centre would be built at a cost of Rs. 50.2 million under the assistance of the Chinese Government. The new center will comprise of a main commercial complex and an agricultural complex including stalls, children's play area, cafeterias, banking facilities and sanitary facilities. The President expressed his gratitude to the long-term supports from China whenever Sri Lanka was in need.

Ambassador Yi Xianliang said China and Sri Lanka are close neighbors enjoying centruries of friendship. This year marks the 60th Anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations and the 65th Anniversary of the signing of Rubber & Rice Pact between China and Sri Lanka. In the past 60 years, China-Sri Lanka relations has witnessed a stable development in all fields. As a true friend of Sri Lanka, China offered assistance to Sri Lanka without any conditions. China always attachs great importance to the efforts of Sri Lankan Government to improve people’s living standards.

Ambassador Yi also emphasized that China's cooperation with Sri lanka has no hidden agenda and aims to seek win-win situation. Some other country's allegation on China-Sri Lanka cooperation in Port area is baseless and incorrect. China welcomes any interested third party to participate the cooperation and make joint efforts to build Sri Lanka into the regional hub.

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