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Chinese Culture Fair Lightened Colombo

On 8 February 2017, the opening ceremony of Chinese Culture Fair was held at the Independence Square. Hon. Speaker Karu Jayasuriya, Minister of Megapolis and Western Development Hon.Champika Ranawaka and Chinese Ambassador H.E. Yi Xianliang as well as more than 200 people from various circles attended the ceremony.

Yi expressed that China and Sri Lanka established diplomatic ties 60 years ago. From then on, despite of the changing international situations, the traditional friendship between China and Sri Lanka has been carried forward with sustaining development. Over the six decades, China and Sri Lanka respected and helped each other, and China-Sri Lanka relations became a model of friendly exchanges between countries. I’m willing to try my best to promote the development of China-Sri Lanka relations. I believed, our descendants would be definitely proud of the achievements which were gained today from the development of China-Sri Lanka relations.

Hon. Speaker Jayasuriya said, I still remembered H.E. Premier Zhou Enlai's visit to Sri Lanka and the signing of the Rubber and Rice Pact, which was valid until 1980s and Sri Lanka benefited a lot. China is the sincere and best friend to Sri Lanka. I treasured the friendship between China and Sri Lanka and sincerely thanked for strong support and assistance of the Chinese government and people.

The Chinese Culture Fair will last until 12 February at the Independence Square.

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