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Lifeline Express of China completed "Brightness Action", Free Cataract Surgery Project in Kalutara General Hospital

On 20 December, Lifeline Express, China’s mobile eye hospital specializing in charitable medical activities completed its first overseas charity project, the “Brightness Action”-Free Cataract Surgery Project in Kalutara General Hospital, Kalutara, Sri Lanka.

During the one month operation, the Chinese doctors conducted cataract surgeries for 503 low-income Sri Lankan patients helping them successfully recover eyesight. The medical team also consulted more than 700 patients and carried out a technical training and exchange program introducing advanced ophthalmology surgical techniques to the local doctors and nurses. All medical services provided by Lifeline Express are free of charge.

The Chinese medical team consisted of eminent eye physicians from Peking Union Medical College Hospital(PUMCH) with modern medical equipment and instruments started the charity project from 20 November. Founded in 1921, PUMCH is the most leading Chinese National Hospital with high reputation for its full range of disciplines, cutting-edge technologies and outstanding specialties.

The “Brightness Action” in Sri Lanka was conducted in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of China, the National Health and Family Planning Commission of China, the Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka and supported by the Ministry of Health, Nutrition and Indigent Medicine which showcased the long-standing friendship between China and Sri Lanka.

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