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Chinese Ambassador Yi Xianliang Donated Schoolbags to Students of Fa-Hsien GALA Sri-Lanka-China Friendship Village School

On November 10, 2016, Chinese Ambassador Yi Xianliang visited Fa-Hsien GALA Sri-Lanka-China Friendship Village School, which is located at Kalutara, 40 km south of capital Colombo. During the visit, Ambassador Yi, who was warmly welcomed by the Principle, teachers, students and their parents, donated around 300 sets of shoolbags and pencilboxes to the students.

At the donation ceremony, Ambassador Yi said that China and Sri Lanka were traditional friends, the Chinese government constructed the Fa-Hsien Gala Sri-Lanka-China Friendship Village and the main building of the school around 30 years ago. Today, the Embassy continued this friendship and we would like to further the assistance by renovating the school building and constructing a play ground inside the school. Students are the future of Sri Lanka, I hope all of you could remember the historical friendship represented by the Fa-Hsien Gala Village and join the force to pass on the torch of China-Sri Lanka friendship to the future.

During the ceremony, three scholarships amounting to Rs. 30,000 was handed over to students by China Machinery Engineering Corporation (CMEC). The scholarship is donated to the school annually since 2014.

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