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Prime Minister of Sri Lanka Hopes to Jointly Build Maritime Silk Road with China
2016-07-12 14:00:00

On July 9, 2016 local time, while meeting with Foreign Minister Wang Yi in Colombo, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe of Sri Lanka stated that the "21st Century Maritime Silk Road" proposed by China is an important initiative. Sri Lanka is willing to give play to its location advantage as a hub in the Indian Ocean to jointly build the Maritime Silk Road with China and comprehensively elevate the level of bilateral practical cooperation.

Wang Yi expressed that President Xi Jinping proposed the important initiative of the joint construction of the "Belt and Road". Sri Lanka has a prominent location advantage as it connects Asia and Africa and links the South Asian subcontinent. China stands ready to, together with Sri Lanka, seize current important opportunities, stay on the track of jointly building the "21st Century Maritime Silk Road" and take major projects such as the Colombo Port City and the Hambantota Port as basis to promote infrastructure construction and the development of harbor-oriented industries in Sri Lanka as well as help Sri Lanka achieve its national development plans. At the same time, both sides should further tap the potential of China-Sri Lanka cooperation, drive bilateral practical cooperation in all fields to another new level and push for continuous progress of China-Sri Lanka strategic cooperative partnership.

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