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The Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka donated computers to the Education Center of Surya Foundation

On March 24th, 2016, the Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka donated thirty computers to the Education Center (Gampaha, Western Province) of Surya Foundation. Mrs. Wu Xiaoling, wife of Chinese Ambassador to Sri Lanka, Mrs. Vasantha Jayasuriya, Chairperson of Surya Foundation, and directors of Surya Foundation as well as one hundred student representatives attended the ceremony.

Mrs. Wu Xiaoling said the friendship between China and Sri Lanka dates back centuries ago and is deeply rooted in the hearts of the two peoples. China is willing to provide assistance within its capacity for the development of education course of Sri Lanka. I hope the computers donated by the Chinese Embassy can improve the teaching conditions of the Education Center as well as students' information processing skills, so that they could learn more about the world through Internet.

Mrs. Vasantha Jayasuriya expressed indeed appreciation for and gratitude to the generous donation from the Chinese Embassy and promised to make good use of the computers so as to promote the development of local education.

Accompanied by Mrs. Vasantha Jayasuriya, Mrs. Wu Xiaoling visited the classrooms of the Education Center and learned about the training conditions of the students. She encouraged the students to improve their skills and make more contributions to the development of Sri Lanka in the future.

The Education Center of Surya Foundation was established in the year of 2000. It provides free courses in Computer Skills, English and Tamil Languages for nearly 2,500 rural underprivileged youth every year.

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