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Port City Project Does Not Undermine Sri Lanka's Sovereignty

On 17th March, Mr. Zhou Yongsheng, the spokesperson of Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka made a reply to some media's inquiries as follows,

the Embassy noticed with astonishment and regret the article titled Flying over Port City a Taboo! on the Daily News which claimed that Sri Lanka's Civil Aviation Authority pointing out to the government that the air space over the Chinese held area will exclusively be held by China. In fact, the report is void of basic common sense. According to the commercial agreement, part of the reclaimed land of Port City will be held by the Chinese company which invests in this project, not the Chinese government. According to Article 01 of the Chicago Convention on the Civil Aviation, the contracting States recognize that every State has complete and exclusive sovereignty over the airspace above its territory. The reclaimed land of Port City is part of Sri Lanka's territory and Sri Lanka has complete and exclusive sovereignty over the reclaimed land and the air space above it. Any individual or company's ownership right or right of use of land does not affect the sovereignty. All activities of Port City project, in the past, at present or in the future, should be carried out under the framework of Sri Lanka's law including the international treaties to which Sri Lanka is the party. The Embassy holds such a position that any discussion or comment on any issue should be based on facts and in conformity with basic legal common sense.

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