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President Maithripala Sirisena of Sri Lanka Meets with Special Envoy of the Chinese Government Liu Jianchao


On February 6, 2015, President Maithripala Sirisena of Sri Lanka met with Special Envoy of the Chinese Government and Assistant Foreign Minister Liu Jianchao in Colombo.

Liu Jianchao stressed that China and Sri Lanka are good friends, good neighbors and good partners, whose relations have withstood the test of times and changing international situations. The two governments should jointly maintain and carry on well the traditional friendship between China and Sri Lanka. The Chinese side always puts the China-Sri Lanka relations at an important place in terms of its diplomacy with neighboring countries and cherishes the China-Sri Lanka strategic cooperative partnership featuring sincere mutual assistance and long-lasting friendship. China stands ready to coordinate closely with the new government of Sri Lanka to deepen cooperation in various fields and steadily promote cooperation in present major projects by focusing on the implementation of the results of President Xi's visit to Sri Lanka in 2014, so as to promote China-Sri Lanka relations to new stages constantly. The Chinese side supports all efforts made by Sri Lanka to realize stability, reforms and development, and is willing to continuously offer assistance within its capability to Sri Lanka's economic development.

Sirisena expressed that Sri Lanka and China are close friendly neighboring countries and he has special friendly affection to China. Sri Lanka is sincerely grateful to the Chinese government and people for their tremendous assistance and support to the economic and social development of Sri Lanka. The new government of Sri Lanka will adhere to the friendly policy towards China carried out by the successive governments and devote to the enhancement the bilateral traditional friendship and mutually beneficial cooperation. Sri Lanka highly appreciates the financing support provided by the Chinese side for the major cooperative projects of the two countries and is grateful to and welcomes Chinese enterprises to actively participate in the economic construction of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka stands ready to work with China to firmly advance the ongoing major cooperative projects between the two countries. President Xi Jinping's visit to Sri Lanka last year is an important milestone in bilateral relations. He looks forward to visiting China at an early date and joining hands with President Xi Jinping in promoting Sri Lanka-China strategic cooperative partnership and practical cooperation for constant development.

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