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Chinese Image Art Exhibition "Mirror Image and Artistic Status" Held in Sri Lanka Successfully

22nd November, the Chinese image art exhibition “Mirror Image and Artistic Status”, co-organized by China Shandong University of Art and Design(SUAD) and Sri Lanka-China Society, supported by the Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka, opened with a grand ceremony at the J.A.D. Perera Gallery of the University of the Visual and Performing Arts of Sri Lanka in Colombo. Mr. T. B. Ekanayake, Hon. Minister of Culture and the Arts, Mr. Wasantha Ekanayake, Secretary of Ministry of Culture and the Arts, Mr. Ren Faqiang, Charge d’affaires of the Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka. Mr. A. Gunawardena, President of Sri Lanka-China Society, Prof. Gu Qunye, Prof. Tang Jialu, Prof. Dong Zhanjun from SUAD and more than 100 local people presented the opening ceremony.

The exhibition displayed over 10 image artworks created by the new media artists from SUAD and China Media University. The works covers variety of artistic forms including video arts, digital image and concept documentary and so on. The contents concerns the subjects of traditional Chinese legends, the style and features of contemporary society as well as the thinkings of the artists to the development of the society. It showcases the diversity of the development of the Chinese culture and arts from different directions and angles and also embodies the creative power of the Chinese artists in the new media art field.

Chinese and Sri Lankan artists also carried on calligraphy and painting exchange at the ceremony. Hon. Minister T. B. Ekanayake was drawing a Sri Lankan national bird --- Gallus lafayetii on the Chinese Xuan paper by using Chinese brush pen and ink with his great interesting, and enjoyed an artistic feeling of the Chinese traditional ink arts.

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