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Instructions on Document Legalisation

Legalisation means the authentication of a signature of seal/stamp appearing on a document.

To have documents which originate in Sri Lanka accepted in the People's Republic of China, you need to go to the Legalisation Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Consular Division) to legalise the signatures or seals of Sri Lanka public officials (Solicitors, Notaries Public, Registrars, etc). Then you come to our office to legalise the signatures of the officials of the Sri Lanka authorities.

Please be reminded that the legalisation procedure only confirms that the signature of the officials from relevant Sri Lanka authority is true and authentic. It dose NOT mean that the contents of the document are correct or our office approves of the contents.

Preferably, your document may be issued directly in both Sinhalese and English. For document only in Sinhalese, it is better to have an English version, which should also be notarized and legalised together with the original document, so that the document could be easily accepted in China.

The legalisation fee is 2600 Rubees for each commercial document or 1300 Rubees for each document of any other types. Please pay by cash or check. And don't forget to get a receipt for any of your payment.

The legalisation will be done in 4 working days.

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